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New book 
Encounter at Emmaus

Encounter at Emmaus tells the story of two disciples’ encounter with a Stranger they meet on the road to Emmaus. Their hearts burn within them as he explains the story of salvation to them. As he breaks the bread, they recognize this Stranger as their dearest Friend, risen from the dead. There are colouring in pages at the back of the book to match the coloured pages from the story. 

Isaiah Books' Story

Isaiah Books was started by Madeleine Carroll who loves writing, walking and reading to her children. Her enjoyment in creating interesting characters and story-lines began when she was very young, and has been greatly influenced by her Catholic Faith.


¨Amazing Book to discover nature with my child¨

"I bought this for my toddler who loves books and loves being read to. The theme is captivating and engaging, and the pictures are beautifully matched to the words.

We counted squirrels and talked about the rainbow and the stream. I could see my toddler's thought processes as she imagined the smells and the sounds and I'm really pleased that the book gave us so much to talk about and think about together.

It's thoroughly engaging and worth every penny, and even has a list of activities to do at the end.

Highly recommended."

¨Beautiful Illustrations¨

"A Lovely book with beautiful illustrations. We added it to the Easter basket for our three girls"

"Lovely book that helps make Jesus accessible to young children. The illustrations are beautiful"

"These illustrations are beautiful and the story is short, but still engaging to our little ones. The image of The Last Supper got me especially right now with no masses available due to covid. God bless all these artists who do work for the glory of God"

¨I cannot wait for my kids to see it ¨

" Just want to say I received this beautiful book today - not only did I cry at how beautiful it was I cannot wait for my kids to see it (it is being saved for Easter Sunday!) I’d say it’s most suited to 6 and under but I’m going to order one for each teacher at my son's school when I can afford to also. Madeleine Carroll this is stunning work"

Rosie Discovers Winter

Paperback Edition

The Creator's Love Story

Paperback Edition

The Joyful Meeting

Paperback Edition

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