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Roy Peachey

Catholic Author.

He has published The Race, a dual narrative children’s novel; Between Darkness and Light, a novel about the Chinese Labour Corps in World War I; 50 Books for Life: a concise guide to Catholic literature; Popes, Emperors and Elephants: the first thousand years of Christian culture; Did Jesus Go to School? and other questions about parents, children and education; Out of the Classroom and Into the World: how to transform Catholic education.


Holy Heroes

Holy Heroes is a family-owned apostolate loyal to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and not associated with any particular congregation, order, or movement.

To produce Holy Heroes requires more than our family, but the professional expertise of many people who share a passion for making inspiring and beautiful stories for your family.

Mother with her Child

Catholic Mothers

The best Catholic resources for families chosen from around the world and brought to your home to help you pass on the wonders of our faith to your children!

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Randy Friemel

Christian Art / Illustrator

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Michelle Pitt

She is a painter and illustrator who grew up in Seattle but now calls Southern England her home. Her love of art began as a small child when her father first taught her perspective drawing on a tiny chalkboard. She has always been inspired by colour - especially the colours of the garden in all its glorious seasons. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Painting, with a minor in Art History whilst living in the United States, but felt she hadn’t put her talents to good use until a friend in England suggested she try her hand at illustrating books for children. She soon found that she loves bringing stories to life with her drawings! When not drawing or painting, she can usually be found, with her husband, tending their garden.

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Me & My House is a Catholic parenting program that challenges parents to implement small changes in the day to day interactions with their children, and to envision parenting as a vocation of love and as a most sacred task.

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Second Spring

Offers editorial and educational services in the field of Faith and Culture. It was founded by Stratford and Leonie Caldecott.

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Evango is a Catholic Media Organization whose mission it is to build a culture of Catholic evangelization and missionary discipleship. Using a multimedia approach, Evango seeks to inspire the faithful in all walks of life to know, to love, and to live their Catholic faith.

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Nicola Harris

A talented artist who illustrated the book "Rosie Discovers Winter"



Celebrating Catholic

Holy Days